Shots are fired in a crowded mall.
Mall security alerts law enforcement. Law enforcement detaches SWAT team to mall.

Before they arrive ALTA Smart Balloons have been launched; in seconds the scene can appear on far away desktop screens, in nearby shirt pockets and in response vehicles en route while the y can scan rooftops and walkways for victims and perpetrators.

Observations are plotted with precise locations before responders put themselves and others in harms way.

Actual image from ALTA Balloon used in SWAT Team maneuvers
Dolphin Mall Sweetwater Florida - 14 May 2014 06:05:32 AM

The scene is plotted and a prearranged tactical response is invoked and monitored by off scene commanders.

Orignial Date: 05 / 14 / 2014


The Short Story of the First Smart Balloon

ALTA is an acronym for:

ALTA is a smart balloon which flies without fuel, or pilot to unreachable places, where it transmits images, and/ or other data to any internet screen. In one hour ALTA can deliver thousands of images from multiple perspectives, of the highest resolution, from the lowest angles, at the lowest cost. ALTA is the smallest, greenest earth imaging system in the world. ALTA can travel on a planned drift journey to an optimized path of image capture points or it can be launched and retrieved, by tether, in seconds. Without pilots or airport access, the network of Alta Airos can capture and instantaneously transmit georeferenced images at a fraction of the normal costs with resolution 10 to 36 times the resolution of those currently available. These images can add detail and enable otherwise impossible views. Attached to the imagery is atmospheric information graphically depicting air quality and other atmospheric information. The ALTA team services public safety, news agencies, agriculture, construction, real estate, travel and tourism

ALTA’s geocoding allow its more revealing angles to be integrated with existing geo-referenced imagery, like Google Earth, or Pictometry.

ALTA's flights are silent and safe. This time technology works with the atmosphere to provide the planet with a
brand new point of view...


Orignial Date: 03 / 13 / 2012